While Carlos Boozer may not have quite the impact or clout of a LeBron James or Dwayne Wade, he certainly stands to benefit from the bidding wars that will surround those elite players this offseason.

Still, let's not diminish this guy's accomplishments either.  When healthy, Boozer is one of the few automatic low-post scoring threats in the league.  He's a "20 and 10" machine whose finishing and off the ball movements have meshed perfectly with super-point teammate, Deron Williams.

What's more, in addition to typically averaging a steal per game, Boozer has quietly become an effective passer at this stage of his career, racking up three assists per contest this season.

On the flip side, Boozer's limitations are also well defined.  They are the reason why, right or wrong, he is oftentimes still not considered in the same stratosphere as other high-profile free agents-to-be like Chris Bosh (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/378153-nba-free-agency-watch-the-top-three-destinations-for-chris-bosh ) and Joe Johnson (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/375344-nba-free-agency-watch-the-top-3-destinations-for-joe-johnson ).

When it comes down to it, Carlos Boozer is an extremely gifted offensive player who is an average defender. He has never been able to protect the rim—probably due to a lack of height. He has also been susceptible to a myriad of nagging injuries and given plenty of reasons to be perceived as a mercenary for hire.

It is probably karmic payback that Carlos Boozer's stay in Utah has turned out like this, given the sketchiness of his signing heist away from Cleveland six seasons ago. 

Boozer fought through a host of long-term injuries after signing, only to distract a deep Jazz team last year with his impending departure, and then to ultimately disappoint them when he opted-in to his contract anyways.

In the end though, Carlos Boozer has absolutely produced when on the floor.  He has been an integral part in yet another successful Jazz season, and his skillset is the kind coveted by nearly every team in the Association.

Not every franchise with cap space can get LeBron or Wade, but Boozer stands to make a lot of money as a running mate for those that do, or as a consolation prize for those that don't.

Here are the top three possibilities, in descending order, for Carlos Boozer this offseason:

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