Has an entire NBA offseason ever centered so much on just one player?

Has the fate of so many franchises ever revolved around just one decision?

Have so many seasons ever been purposely scuttled in advance, just for the tiny chance at making one move?

We've already looked at the top destinations for nine of the summer's top Free Agents. (Found here: http://bleacherreport.com/users/130480-dr-trade/archives/newest?rel=nofollow)

Yet, nearly every one of those high profile players' decisions, destinations, and paychecks will be directly or indirectly affected by what LeBron James does.

Does this make sense? Is he worth it?

Our 10th player featured in the Free Agency Watch series needs no introduction, even to the most casual of NBA followers.

The Karl Malone frame, David Robinson athleticism, Dominique Wilkins finishing ability, and Michael Jordan aura have been further bolstered by Magic Johnson's passing ability, Alonzo Mourning's shot blocking, and Reggie Miller's range.

I could continue with comparisons about his quick hands, mobility, use of momentum, leaping ability, and on and on and on...

Simply said, LeBron has as many superlative qualities and stat-filling skills as nearly any other player that's ever graced the game. He's continuously worked to shore up his shortcomings and maximize the potential that, to this point, has seemed utterly limitless.

Yet, our concentration has recently shifted towards what he doesn't have.

He's still not consistent enough from outside, no matter how improved his long-distance shooting has become during these past few seasons.

He doesn't always post-up enough, or play with his back to the basket. Instead, he too often settles for driving pell mell to the basket or just taking mid-range jumpers.

He doesn't always consistently display a killer instinct in the clutch. He's always been slightly too willing to defer, especially during the playoffs.

He doesn't have a ring.

Maybe the expectations have gotten out of control. Maybe we've been incorrectly expecting Michael Jordan when, according to some, (Bill Simmons), we may be witnessing Dr. J's career doppelganger instead.

Maybe we're spending too much time concentrating on what hasn't happened yet, instead of appreciating the myriad of amazing things that have.

Yet, LeBron has built these expectations as much as anyone. From day one, he has carried himself as the biggest thing in basketball.

Behind the genuine love of the game, the joy in being a good teammate, and a publicly humble persona, lies an audacious nature that's always wanted, expected, and professed to be the best.

This might be a "chicken before the egg" argument, but it's safe to say that, in many ways, we expect so much of LeBron because he's never given us any reason not to.

Whoever finally signs him is going to set off a massive chain-reaction of hope, aligning stars, counter-moves, panic deals, and despair.

The media frenzy is only going to grow.

So are the expectations.

Without further ado, here are the top three destinations for one of the most influential Free Agents of all time.

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